The new Multi-Spectra Tomography (MSP CT) ena­bles high-resolution, low-artifact measurements of difficult-to-penetrate workpieces and assemblies. Pre­viously, measurement accuracy was low, for example, when measuring larger cast aluminum workpieces due to severe artifacts. Measurements with low power and a small focal spot were time-consuming and re­sulted in high structural resolution but strong artifacts. High power with a correspondingly larger focal spot increased measuring speed but decreased structural resolution.

With the new MSP CT, a high-resolution measurement with low voltage and a fast measurement with high vol­tage can now be combined into a high-resolution, low­ artifact measurement. For this purpose, the parameters of the X-ray source can be varied, for example for a high-resolution measurement with low power and low voltage and a fast measurement with high power and high voltage. It is also possible to use two different X-ray sources, such as a microfocus transmission tube for high resolution and a macrofocus reflection tube for fast measurements.

In this way, even small structures on workpieces made of several materials that are difficult to penetrate can be measured, e.g., gap dimensions of the moun­ting position between the printed circuit board and the corresponding plastic enclosure.

Measurement 1 – High resolution with low voltage
Measurement 2 – Fast measurement with high voltage
NEW MSP-CT- High-resolution, low-artifact measurement