Version 9.45 of the WinWerth® measurement software offers many new and improved functions, for example, Spiral (Helical) Tomography to increase accuracy with the smallest measurement errors in the range of 0.5 µm . With Multi-Spectra Tomography, high­-resolution, low-artifact measurements of difficult-to-pe­netrate workpieces and assemblies are possible with better quality. The new WinWerth® Vie­wer allows automatic processing of existing projects and additional manual evaluation as well as the output of measurement reports with the range of functions familiar from WinWerth®.

The measurement software has been extended by va­rious smart functions. For measurements with the ima­ge processing sensor, the contours of several work­pieces measured in one image can now be separated automatically as well. Another new feature is the sub­sequent filtering of recorded 3D measured data, taking into account the process parameters of the sensors, which allows probing errors to be significantly reduced when using multi-point sensors, for example. With the WinWerth® user management, the user rights can be limited to the selection of a workpiece also for the auto­matic start of the measuring program. Upon completion of the measurement the machine is secured again by an automatic logout of the active user. Individual users can be managed directly via Windows ActiveDi­rectory by linking them to Windows user accounts. For an improved overview, only features above the inser­tion tag are displayed in the 3D graphic. The graphic can now be saved directly in the Office report.

The modernized WinWerth® 9.45 user interface with clear lines and uniform, simplified dialogs increases ease of use. For form errors with different tolerances, the type of deviation display can now be adjusted by the user within wide limits. With the aid of the color distribution diagram, the size of systematic and random deviations can be easily assessed.

The scope of functions has also been extended in the area of computed tomography. OnTheFly CT (patent pending) for increasing the measuring speed is now available for all special measuring methods, for exam­ple the patented Multi-ROI CT. When programmed offline with TomoSim, the quality of the simulated volume corresponds to the subsequent measurement in terms of resolution, artifacts and many other proper­ties. With the help of the simulated intensity image, tube power and position of the workpiece on the detector can be optimized.

OnTheFly CT (patent pending) now allows an increase in measuring speed for special measuring methods such as the patented Multi-ROI tomography scan

In the new WinWerth® version, various calculation ele­ments have been added. A standard-compliant eva­luation of geometrical characteristics such as size is performed fully automatically after selection in the measurement software. The distance between parallel planes and the opening angle of planes at an angle to each other can also be determined in conformity with the new standards. Another new function enables the determination of the symmetry contour between two contours. Enclosing spheres with the smallest possible diameter can be calculated from any point clouds.

Several status displays provide information for the user. For example, the machine status can be transmitted to the production control station via OPC UA protocol. It is possible to read the absolute radiation time of the X­-Ray tube and the wear condition of the target in the user interface, thus preventing downtimes.

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