With optical sensors, many measurement points are captured very quickly or even simultaneously. For this reason, they are used for a wide variety of workpieces in production monitoring. Due to their flexible application options, image processing is part of the basic equipment of most optical and multisensor coordinate measuring machines.

With the image processing sensor, the illuminated measuring object is imaged onto a matrix camera using a lens. The measurement points are calculated in an evaluation computer with corresponding image processing software. Werth contour image processing recognizes not only points, but also contiguous contours in the image. This enables specific contour selection for reliable edge detection and rigid scanning. Contour, image and element filters ensure reliable measurements.
In the patented Raster Scanning HD mode, many single images (yellow squares) are captured while moving along a predefined path (blue line) and merged to form a high-resolution image (blue rectangle). All contours (red) in the measurement window (green) are captured automatically.