Rotary Axis

Rotation of the measuring object around a horizontal or vertical axis with high positioning accuracy

A rotary axis enables complete measurement of both rotationally symmetrical and cubic workpieces in different views and offers optimum accessibility to the workpiece for a wide range of sensors. Time and accuracy losses due to reclamping are eliminated. High positioning accuracy in combination with wobble compensation allow reliable measurement of e.g. shafts, tools, gears and 3D workpieces.

  • Automatic capture of the entire workpiece in the patented Raster Scanning HD ROTARY mode for fast measurement “in the image” on the surface (option)
  • Automatic determination of the effective contour of machining tools such as milling cutters, drills and grinding tools with envelope scanning (option)
  • Roundness measurements with minimal measurement errors in the range of 200 nm with RotaryScan HD (option)
  • Rotary axes are available as an option for almost all Werth coordinate measuring machines
  • They can be mounted in any arrangement (A, B, C) as accessories
  • Evaluation in workpiece coordinates through complete software integration of the rotary axes

Other benefits

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