Werth StentCheck®


  • High performance multisensor CMM with Integrated Werth Zoom® optic with magnification 0.7x – 6.8x
  • Rotary/Tilt Axis with high speed air bearing rotary axis
  • Rotary OnTheFly for fast measurements
  • Contour image processing for fully automatic measurements of complex geometrical elements with sub-micron repeatability
  • Integrated goniometer (tilting axis) allows for the measurement of non-cylindrical geometries
  • Unique lighting design optimized for measurement of stents
  • Temperature compensation included

Machine Specifications

  • Measuring Range
    • X 300mm (12″)
    • Y 200mm (8″)
    • Z 200mm (8″)
  • Foot Print and Specification
    • Depth: 1000 mm (39”) Width: 1600 mm (63”) Height: 1800 mm (71”)
    • For more detailed information on the specification of this machine call us at 860.399.2445 or email us .


  • Medical

Application Environment

  • Shop Floor, Gage and Quality Laboratory