With the high-precision machines of the VideoCheck® S series, the potential of the most accurate sensors can be fully exploited. The multisensor technology with large sensor selection allows the economical solution of many measurement tasks with one machine. Werth offers uni­que high-precision sensors, e.g. the patented Werth Fiber Probe® 3D

The proven multi-ram design for maximum flexibility when using multisensor technology is now also availa­ble for the smallest machine in the series, the Video­Check® S. The new machine concept also makes it easy to retrofit purely optical or purely tactile machines to multisensor coordinate measuring machines. This means that the accessibility of workpiece geometries is no longer restricted by other sensors or accessories. The independent sensor axes enable fast measure­ments without time-consuming sensor changes. Since the axes with the non-active sensors are outside the measuring range, the risk of collision is minimal. Sensor changing stations are no longer necessary, so that the measuring range can be used without restriction. It is possible to remove the chan­ging stations from the measuring volume after the sensor change using the machine axes, but now the time required for this is also eliminated.

Werth coordinate measuring machines offer high flexibility with various options. With the Werth Multisensor System, different sensors can be swapped in at the same position in front of the image processing beam path. This means that the combined multisensor mea­suring range can be used without restriction, even with additional sensors, and the risk of collision is minimal. The new, multisensor-capable Werth Rotary Tilt head enables fast, step-less positioning of sensors. Workpiece rotary or workpiece rotary/tilt axes can be mounted in any direction. The multi-ram con­cept optimizes accessibility and minimizes the risk of collision.

The new machine is suitable for medium-sized work­pieces with tight tolerances and different geometric properties that require the use of multisensor techno­logy. Examples include large plastic housings of automotive electronics, cutting inserts, micro hobs, shaft tools, optical lenses or dental implants.

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