Fitting measuring point clouds to the CAD model is a prerequisite for many evaluation options, for example for 3D nominal-to-part deviation analyses and automatic burr detection in the WinWerth® measurement software. Find out here how reliable fitting in WinWerth® is possible even for workpieces with minimal deviations from rotational symmetry.

Measurement point clouds can be fitted to the CAD model using conventional Gaussian fitting. The result of the fit is a uniform coordinate system and, if desired, a colour-coded deviation plot. The parameters of the fit can also be selected so that only one axis is shifted or rotated around selected axes.
Some workpieces appear rotationally symmetrical at first glance, although slight deviations from symmetry occur. When using conventional methods, these lead to an incorrect fit. With rotational fitting, the deviations from rotational symmetry can be marked by one or more cutting planes perpendicular to the workpiece axis. In this way, the measuring point clouds of such workpieces can also be successfully fitted in a simple manner.

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