Press Release

Werth Multisensor

Find out what is new in the 2019 issue of Multisensor, the annual publication of Werth Messtechnik in Germany.


Product News

WinWerth® 9.43 – New functions for rapid measuring and editing

To make it easier to create and edit measurement se- quences, the new version of WinWerth® has a waste- basket function. The procedure is based on familiar Microsoft Windows features. Objects that are deleted during an editing session are saved […]


Werth Knowing

Greater transparency in the voxel volume

CAD models, measurement point clouds, and volume data can be displayed one at a time or superimposed three-dimensionally in the same coordinate system with the 3D module of WinWerth® measurement software, so they can be analyzed from all sides. The […]



Meet our team at the WESTEC 2019

WESTEC BOOTH # 625 – we will be there for you at the Long Beach Convention Center to answer your questions and look at your parts. Our team is looking forward to meeting you.