VideoCheck® S


  • Ideal for small measurement ranges that require high accuracy
  • The Werth constant-stress guideway principle of the X-Y stage ensures high precision and long-term stability
  • VideoCheck® S machines use the Werth image processing sensor with telecentric WerthZoom® and Werth MultiRing®
  • Integration of additional sensors and beampath to a multisensory system guarantees higher flexibility and measurement speed
  • Machine can be equipped with a wide selection of additional optical and tactile sensors, including the Werth Fiber Probe

Machine Specifications

  • Measuring Range
    • X from 250mm (10″) to 400mm (16″)
    • Y from 125mm (5″) to 200mm (8″)
    • Z 200mm (8″)
  • MPE (Maximum permissible length measurement error)
    • down to 1.1µm
  • Foot Print and Specification
    • Depth: 1000 mm (39”) Width: 1600 mm (63”) Height: 1900 mm (75”)
    • For more detailed information on the specification of this machine call us at 860.399.2445 or email us .


  • Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Molding, Electronics

Application Environment

  • Shop Floor, Gage and Quality Laboratory