The ultra compact Werth ScopeCheck® S Probe coordinate measuring machine has advanced scanning capability, giving it a very good price-to-performance ratio. The measurement range is 400 mm in the X axis, 200 mm in the Y axis, and 200 mm in the Z axis. The measuring machine has a granite base and does not require any compressed air supply. Precision mechanical guides and a temperature compensation system guarantee reliable measurement results, even under difficult environmental conditions.

Gaging benches, hard gages, and conventional production measurement systems can ideally be supplemented or even completely replaced by the Werth ScopeCheck® S Probe. The ScopeCheck® S Probe can even handle areas of application that have previously required expensive and complex coordinate measuring machines, thanks to its high-precision 3D scanning probe system and rapid CNC path controls.

The new WinWerth 8.40 3D measurement software provides efficient and simple operation of the devices. Particularly significant are the new user-friendly functions for semi-automatic and automatic generation of scanning paths and for modifying programs. The ergonomic, interactive graphic user interface makes it possible to capture dimensions simply by clicking on the graphic. With password protection, users have access only to those portions of the software that their level of qualification allows.

The modular design principle means that the measuring machine can be expanded to meet future requirements at any time. It is even possible to retrofit an image processing sensor and other optical sensors.