Creating measurement programs with 2D-CAD-Online® or 2D-CAD-Offline® is as simple as can be. These two options allow easy CAD-based measurements of 2D contours using the most appropriate sensor. The controls are integrated in the 3D graphic of the WinWerth® software program. The functions available depend on the 2D or 3D CAD model, and the previously separate 2D CAD view has been eliminated. The Raster Scanning HD (patented) and auto align options are now available for CAD-based measurements for the first time. This makes it much easier to align the coordinate systems of the CAD model and the work-piece. When the CAD element is clicked, WinWerth® automatically recognizes the nominal element and creates the point distribution. In addition to lines, circles, points, and planes, contours can also be scanned, and now it is possible to measure edge breaks completely automatically in conformance with standards. The terms 2D-CAD-Online® and 2D-CAD-Offline® were coined by Werth Messtechnik in 1996. Using 2D-CAD-Offline®, the measurement program can be created offline, away from the machine, with the nominal data (CAD), before the first work piece is produced. This also means that the coordinate measuring machine is not tied up for programming and is available for other tasks.  With 2D-CAD-Online®, in contrast, the user can control the machine axes and sensors using CAD data in order to create programs quickly without manual positioning.