The work piece changing system transports various work pieces in sequence from a pallet into the measurement area, then removes them again afterwards. With this automatic loading, the TomoScope® can also be used during “unmanned” night shifts or over the weekend. The work piece changer is integrated within the radiation protection enclosure of the machine, so that no additional safety systems are necessary. This minimizes set-up times and reduces the time for turning on and warming up the X-ray sources. The changing system is now available for the TomoScope® L, XL and even the TomoScope® S. There are several types of grippers for work piece carriers of different sizes. A loop function in WinWerth® allows series measurements of identical work pieces to be taught quickly. Since the analysis of the measurement data also takes place within the  WinWerth® measurement software, a measurement report is available for each work piece immediately upon completion of the measurement.