Werth Messtechnik offers even the manual entry level model of the EasyScope series with automatic image processing and autofocus function for measuring in the vertical axis. This puts the EasyScope well ahead of all other manual video measuring machines. Of course, the machine has been specified comparable to VDI/VDE 2617 Part 6. The measurement range is 200 mm in the X axis, 100 mm in Y, and 200 mm in Z.

The base of the machine is a stable granite platform on which the measuring table and the column for the image processing sensor are mounted. The work-pieces are precisely positioned by a hand wheel or rapidly by a quick release slide. Intelligent software functions, such as the Werth AutoElement for automatically recognizing measurement elements, or the Werth MeasureGuide for navigating to the measurement positions saved in the part program, make it easy to measure with the EasyScope.

Another special feature of the system is the optoelectronic zoom. A click of the mouse zooms to the smallest details quickly and easily, or switches back to an overview of the image. The work-pieces are illuminated by an 8-segment darkfield incident light as well as transmitted light. A brightfield incident light integrated in the beam path is available as an option. Zoom and light settings are performed automatically in programmed sequences. To measure in the Z axis, only the axis drive is moved manually. An automatic method of focus variation determines the measurement in Z independently of the user.