CAD models, measurement point clouds, and volume data can be displayed one at a time or superimposed three-dimensionally in the same coordinate system with the 3D module of WinWerth® measurement software, so they can be analyzed from all sides. The measured geometric characteristics, lines, angles, or form and position tolerances, are also displayed. In WinWerth® 9.43, the display can be clipped using arbitrarily defin- able clipping planes. Outside of the clipping planes, the model and measured data are hidden. The entire work- piece can be eroded, plane by plane, and visually checked for voids, for example. Clipping planes can be used to check the material, internal geometry, and individual components of multiple-material workpieces. Both clipping planes and sectional planes for depicting and inspecting 2D cross sections can be moved and rotated in three dimensions, using the mouse, directly in the

3D graphic display. Mouse clicks on the voxel volume now generate 3D surface points for alignment, which is now possible even without a prior calculation of the measurement point cloud.

Using the histogram function, the transparency can be varied for selected greyscale ranges and the greyscale value can be depicted on a color scale. By varying the transfer curve at any desired partial intervals, greyscale values and color regions can be spread to increase con- trast. The transfer curve can now be defined once for a sample part and then saved for series measurements on identical workpieces. This ensures optimal repre- sentation of each voxel volume for rapid inspection.

The conversion of the voxel volume and visualization under poor contrast conditions have also been improved. The volume can now be converted more quickly, and the converted file uses less storage space. With the new functions, comprehensive inspection with Win- Werth® VolumeCheck is now even faster and easier.