A quick “in the image” measurement in the field of view of the image processing sensor has the same advantages for large work pieces as it does for small, however the measurement precision is not a high as it could be due to the limited magnification when measuring with a large field of view. Raster Scanning HD makes it possible to quickly capture a complete image of a large area with high precision. This process is unparalleled in the market: the image processing sensor takes high frequency images of moving work pieces without any loss of precision. The individual images taken by the camera during the measurement process are superimposed using a patented re-sampling process to create one overall image. To accomplish this, WinWerth starts by creating a pixel raster the size of the final image. The gray scale values for the individual pixels are calculated using the neighboring pixel amplitudes of all overlapping images. This creates an extremely high resolution overall image of the selected measurement area with up to 4000 megapixels (4 gigapixels). In addition to the software correction of the machine geometry and optics, positioning uncertainty is minimized though the superimposition of images from different locations. On the one hand, Raster Scanning HD attains a large degree of precision through high magnification measuring, and averaging over several images improves the signal-noise ratio. On the other hand, the continuous movement of the sensor provides for high measurement speeds.

As seen above: Image details at the start a), and end b) of a predefined circular path, overall image c) and work piece d)