The measuring probe is a light conducting glass fiber with a standard diameter of 125 µm, smaller probes are available.  By guiding the fiber in a metal tube, very long probes can be produced for larger immersion depths.  The Probe geometry can be manufactured for the individual requirements of the measuring task, for example straight or L-shaped probes are available.  The angle of the probe determines the exit angle of the measuring beam between 0° and 90°. Probes with 90° angles are used for the measuring of the circumferential surface of small holes, for example.

As seen above: Principle of the interferometer point sensor (WIP): a) super luminescent diode, b) fiber coupler, c) probe, d) probe exit and reference surface, e) work piece surface, f) collimator lens, g) beam splitter, h) mirror 1, tilted, i) mirror 2, j) cylinder lens, k) line camera