To provide a way for users of coordinate measuring machines with X-ray tomography to perform material inspections, as known from earlier tomography inspection systems, suitable software tools are provided for material analysis. They are based on direct analysis of the volume data. Conversion of the measurement results into measurement points is not necessary for material analysis but these data can be useful to align the volume model, based on geometric features of the measurement object. This alignment makes it easier to observe the volume in sections.  The volume data are visualized as grayscale values that represent the density of the material.  In general, the volume is shown brighter for higher densities. The measured object can be observed in various views at the same time. Using appropriate software tools, it is also possible to “fly through” the volume to get an overall impression of the structure of the entire measured object. Such image sequences can also be saved as a film for documentation purposes.

Seen in image above: Representation of volume data: a) 3D plot, opened,  b-d) Sections in various planes and views