The same software configuration can also be operated without the measuring machine on a Cad-Offline® workstation. Here the measurement programs are created and tested on the CAD model. This saves valuable machining time and ensures that the measurement plans are prepared in time before the first workpiece is manufactured. Influencing factors relevant to the workpiece can then be edited during a test run performed in the single-step mode.

The chief advantage of the solution described here is that all work can be performed based on a universal operating concept. Consistent use of the same software packages virtually excludes the possibility of incompatibilities. This is not the case if the programming workstations are purchased from a different source than the CMM manufacturer. Figure 51 shows a measurement plan produced in this manner in a two-dimensional graphic window. You can clearly recognize the manner in which the measured points or image processing windows are distributed over the CAD model. A very graphic simulation of the measuring run is thus possible in the off-line mode of operation..