Modern multisensor coordinate measuring machines cover a wide spectrum of measurement jobs of varying complexity. The required operator qualifications range from employees who have received little training and only occasionally perform measurements to metrology specialists who fully exploit all of the system’s technical possibilities and perform extremely difficult measuring tasks. A very wide variety of operating modes is optimally supported by the structure of the machine operating software. Measuring machines thus offer numerous access levels corresponding to users of various qualification levels. Interfaces connected to CAD systems and used for statistical evaluations in intercorporate CAQ systems enable varying degrees of CMM integration in a company’s logistic structure.

The software features a modular design which enables it to meet all of these requirements (Fig. 45). The required software modules and user interface configurations are enabled through password control (depending on the application involved). A single standard software package can thus be used to operate various different systems ranging from a simple measuring projector to a multi-axis coordinate measuring machine equipped with a large number of sensors. Ergonomic requirements can thus be satisfied by giving each user exactly those functions and tools which he requires and has a sufficient command of.