The Werth VideoCheck V HA is the world’s most precise multisensor coordinate measuring machine for tool applications. Its precision air bearings and solid granite design, together with a high-precision rotary axis, achieve levels of measuring uncertainty that allow tools with tolerances in the range of a few microns to be measured.

Fixtures for all typical tool holding systems as well as fixed and rotating centers can be used. In addition to the Werth Laser Probe that can be integrated into the image processing sensor, touch probes and even the Werth Fiber Probe can be mounted using the universal Werth Multisensor System. The flexibility that this provides ensures that virtually any tool, including drills, mills, stepped tools, reamers, threading tools, and grinding and dressing wheels, can be measured completely, at high precision, in a single setup. This high-end measuring machine can even measure micro-tools, edge roundness, relief angles of thread taps, and surface roughness.

For automated tool measurement, the comprehensive software concept from Werth Messtechnik GmbH includes interfaces to Numroto, Rollomatic, and Hawk tool grinding software from the esco Company. The graphically supported tool measurement software provides simple operation that requires little training. The complete integration of available tool parameters has made it possible, for the first time, to carry out a complete tool measurement according to DIN 3968 using Werth multisensor tool measuring machines.