Electronic components such as plug connectors are getting smaller, presenting ever greater challenges for manufacturing.  ERNI Electronics uses 3D CNC multisensor measuring machines to secure its manufacturing processes, one of which has mastered X-ray computed tomography.  Modern metrology allows rapid process validation.

ERNI Electronics has embraced “zero-defect production.”  The company produces a wide range of circuit boards and I/O plug connectors, backplanes, cables with plug connectors, housings, systems, and tools in Adelberg, near Stuttgart.  Many products end up in the automotive industry via supplier companies, where the installed components are subject to particularly high quality requirements.

One highlight in the ERNI measurement lab is the Werth Tomoscope HV compact, which has been in use there since 2008.  This coordinate measuring machine utilizes computed tomography to analyze or measure components without contact, at micron precision.  The principle is as follows:  Radiographic images of the test object are taken at various rotational positions. Then a 3D reconstruction of the individual images is performed to create a complete 3D volume that describes the entire internal and external part geometry.

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