Fast measurement with high resolution in compact design

These X-ray sources in monoblock design, unique in the market, enable measurements in high resolution with extremely short measuring times. By using transmission targets, these tubes offer focal spot sizes of a few micrometers even at high powers. This allows up to five times higher measuring speed compared to sources with reflection target. The unique monoblock design in open construction, where the tube head, the high voltage generator and the vacuum pump form one unit, allows very low maintenance costs with unlimited lifetime.

> The maintenance interval of the monoblock tube is 12 months, usually the service is carried out as part of the annual maintenance of the machine

> Due to the open design, wearing parts of the source can be replaced if necessary

> The compact design allows the use in all, even very space-saving machine types

> The acceleration voltage can be upgraded from 130 kV to 160 kV without having to replace the source

> At an acceleration voltage of 200 kV, workpieces with higher density and longer radiographic lengths can also be measured

> Long-life components ensure high availability even in multi-shift operation