Computed tomography (CT) reconstructs the entire work piece volume from 2D radiographic images. Inspection tasks such as void analysis or inspection of the situation in an assembly can be performed directly on the X-ray images without measurements. To support such applications, new options have been added for the CT sensor in WinWerth®. For work pieces that are difficult to penetrate with radiation, assemblies with large differences in density, or work pieces with a high aspect ratio, local contrasts often cannot be shown with sufficient differentiation. The new local contrast optimization allows both increasing contrast and suppressing noise in the images. The histogram display makes it possible to use the measurement window to select any desired areas within the radiographic image, for which the optimal contrast for any given applications is then set. For multi material assemblies, the contrast can be optimized especially for one material. Using the histogram, it is then possible to adjust the signal to noise ratio for inspection tasks or CT measurements. In order to position work pieces optimally n the beam path, the 7 axis control via joystick allows independent control of the X-ray tube, detector, and rotary axis.

Seen in image above: Radiographic image with low contrast (left) and after local contrast optimization (right)