The workpiece changer for the TomoScope® line automatically feeds work pieces into the machine for optimal usage.  The work piece carriers are located in the device, so measurement sequences can be run during unattended shifts without having to make special radiation protection precautions.  There are several gripper types for the different work-piece carriers. The new version of the changing system allows for the positioning of the differently sized work piece carriers anywhere on the pallet without having to calibrate the position each time. The system has been converted from a pneumatic to a mechanical one, and, as such, requires no maintenance and has less downtime.  The user friendliness of the system is much improved by the graphic depiction in the WinWerth® 8.42 measuring software. Another new functionality is the ability to use several loaded pallets.  This shortens the setup times significantly.  Additional time savings can be achieved by using the loop function for the quick teaching of series measurements.