Raster scanning can be used to capture large areas with high structural resolution automatically. The image processing sensor is continuously in motion as many overlapping images are recorded at a high frequency. A reconstruction process integrates these images into one overall image within the WinWerth measurement software. The final analysis takes place in this image, which greatly reduces measurement time, particularly when measuring many dimensions, since it is not necessary to position the sensor for each feature. By overlapping many images, measurement uncertainty is also reduced, as several images are evaluated simultaneously for each measurement.

The image processing sensor can also follow any predefined 2D or 3D path (for example when measuring cutting inserts or complex stamped parts). The predefined path can be generated from a CAD model or a previously measured contour. To further reduce measurement time, unnecessary regions are not recorded with this technique, making the process significantly faster than the “rectangular raster” method. When measuring an O-Ring for example, the predefined path would just be a circle, and the corners and center of the overall image are “filled in” automatically or as defined by the user.