The hazardous health effects of X-rays must be considered when using this radiation for measurements.  Coordinate measuring machines with X-ray tomography that meet the requirements for fully protected machines under the X-ray regulations have lead shielding in the machine enclosure.  The enclosed machine (Werth TomoScope® L), operated with a cathode voltage of 300 kV.  The X-rays are shielded by lead layers integrated in the enclosure panels.  Leaded glass is also used to make the observation window radiation proof. This means that only a negligible amount of X- rays can escape from the machine. The radiation load for the operator is of the same order of magnitude as natural background radiation at or near sea level. In order to receive the same radiation dose as a passenger on an intercontinental flight, the user would need to work with the machine for months at a time.  Measures to prevent the machine from being opened inadvertently when the X-ray source is energized, as well as other safety circuits, also ensure safe operation. The construction style thus described has been proven for measuring machines up to 300 kV.  Machines running at higher voltages that generate very high energy radiation are generally in- stalled in special protective chambers.