The unique design of the Werth VideoCheck S with constant tension guides ensures high precision and long term stability. In this guideway system magnetic and gravitational forces produce the preload for the X and Y axis. This prevents changes in stress due to expansion, while simultaneously reducing friction and backlash. Its long term stability (with a five-year guarantee on the stage guideways) is also boosted by the fact that these guides can be installed with no additional adjustment required. This is because they are manufactured to a straightness tolerance of around 1 µm in a precision machining process.

The modular machine concept of the Werth VideoCheck series makes it possible to combine a wide range of sensors, based on the application. In addition to the image processing sensors with Werth Zoom optics, various mechanical probe systems, the WFP Werth Fiber Probe, the Werth Laser Probe integrated in the image processing optics, or even special sensors such as the CFP chromatic focus probe (or “white light sensor”) can also be added. With the fiber probe and the WCP Werth contour probe, even roughness and contour measurements can be automated. With the use of rotating and tilting sensor heads with probe rack systems, or even rotary or rotary-tilting axes for the work piece, an even greater level of flexibility can be provided.

Typical areas of application include tooling and machine building, automotive, medical, electronics, plastics, rubber, and glass industries. The combination of flexible and unique Werth sensors opens up entirely new areas of application.

WinWerth® Measurement Software ensures efficient, simple operation of the machine. The ergonomic graphical user interface makes it easy to create and edit programs.