Figure: Fiber structure of a filter (left) and penetration depth of particles (right, view from inside the workpiece onto the surface) with dimensions in the single-digit micrometer range.

A new machine solution from Werth Messtechnik combines a submicrofocus tube and a microfocus tube (with a high voltage of up to 300 kV at a power of 80 W) to form a two-tube measurement system. With focal spot sizes of a few micrometers, even large or dense workpieces can be measured with high resolution and speed. In addition, the machine is equipped with a Chromatic Focus Point Sensor for optical measurements.

The new sub-microfocus tube (with a voltage of 160 kV and a maximum power of 30 W) achieves a focal spot size of less than one micrometer by refocusing the electron beam. The achievable volume resolution is on the same order of magnitude. This makes it possible to measure the fiber structure of filter materials. The penetration depth of particles can also be measured and displayed in color-coded form, with a view from inside the workpiece to the surface.