By combining the Werth VideoCheck® UA multisensor coordinate measuring machine with the highly accurate SP80 probe system from Renishaw, length measurement deviations MPE E of (0.5 + L / 600) µm can be realized. Very good results are also obtained with coordinate measuring machines in the HA (High Accuracy) precision class, such as the Video¬Check® DZ HA with two independent sensor axes and large measuring ranges up to 1000 mm x 2000 mm x 800 mm. The measuring table with the workpiece is shifted in Y direction while the sensor systems on the bridge are positioned in X and Z direction. This fixed bridge setup is particularly rigid, with low distortion. The individual scales and drives in all axes are located centrally, allowing highly dynamic motion with very low measurement uncertainty.

A horizontal orientation of the probe head is available as well. With the SP80H version, highly ac-curate tactile measurement of tools and shafts is possible with a vertical machine such as the Werth VideoCheck® V HA. Due to its very low measurement deviations, the SP80 can be used for autocorrection of CT measurements on coordinate measuring machines with computed tomogra-phy (CT), such as the Werth TomoScope® series.

The SP80 probe system has integrated scales with 20 nm resolution and ±2.5 mm measurement range. The parallelogram design of the probe support ensures a parallel displacement of the probe shaft. This prevents shaft contact, in particular when using long probes, and allows probe shaft lengths of up to 500 mm, as well as high precision in star probes.