In recent years, developments in computed tomography have concentrated on the high resolution measurement of large work pieces and materials that are difficult to penetrate. To this end, large and heavy coordinate measuring machines were used. X-ray tubes came in two varieties: Closed tubes often need to be replaced after just two or three years, while open X-ray sources require maintenance several times a year. This results in frequent downtime and high maintenance costs. With the TomoScope®XS, TomoScope technology is now available in a new compact format. The new machine type uniquely combines many advantages of various machine classes. The transmission tube with a unique monoblock design produces a small focal spot even at high X-ray power, so that rapid measurements can be performed at high resolution. The new X-ray source combines the advantages of closed and open

micro-focus  X-ray tubes. The monoblock design combines the source, voltage generator and vacuum pump into a single serviceable unit. This results in both long maintenance intervals and a virtually unlimited service life. Downtime and operating costs are minimized. The maximum X-ray voltage is 130 kV, with an available 160 kV for work pieces with greater radiographic length and denser materials. The air bearing rotary axis positions the work piece with the highest precision to ensure low measurement uncertainty. Due to the compact design, the minimal space requirement and low weight of the TomoScope® XS, it can be set up nearly anywhere. Low acquisition and operation costs allow rapid amortization. With the exclusive source design, easy upgrade of the X-ray voltage and power to 160 kV and up to 80 W is possible at the installation site.