For many years the VideoCheck® coordinate measuring machines have proven the value of measuring with multiple sensors mounted on two independent Z rams. The risk of a collision between sensor and work piece is substantially reduced because the sensors that are not in use are retracted. This design is especially practical for large work pieces, or when large fixtures or rotary and rotating/tilting axes are used. For example, a probe can be mounted on one axis and an optical sensor on the other, or two different optical sensors can be mounted on both rams. Additional sensors can also be added.

With the latest generation of the VideoCheck® DZ fixed bridge machines, the specified measurement range is covered by both rams in multisensor mode. The offset of the two rams has been optimized to a value, which was previously possible only with a single ram. This compact design means that the machine base is essentially no larger than the previous VideoCheck® fixed bridge machines. The new VideoCheck® DZ can also be equipped with just one ram and optional preparation for the second ram. The second ram can then be retrofitted later at the customer’s site. The maximum permissible error MPE E for VideoCheck® DZ machines is specified as (0.9 + L / 400) µm and (0.5 + L / 600) µm (for HA version).