The 3D-Patch/S is available for all Werth Messtechnik coordinate measuring machines, including retrofitting of existing machines. A light control algorithm adjusts the intensity of illumination automatically to the workpiece surface.

Werth coordinate measuring machines offer the possibility to apply the 3D-Patch to different areas of the work piece and to merge the measurement point clouds together into one metrologically accurate overall measurement result. If the area to be measured is greater than the field of vision at the magnification selected, it is also possible to arrange several 3D-Patches and to merge the individual measurement fields together into one overall surface. Stitching techniques are redundant due to the inherent accuracy of the measuring machine. The measurement point cloud can be converted into STL format and directly compared with the CAD data. Standard geometric elements can be measured either by using the CAD data or with the WinWerth® segmentation function by clicking on the target element and the desired surface.

The new 3D-Patch/HA also allows the use of a High Dynamic Range (HDR) function. The dynamic range of the images is significantly increased by using different exposure times and just using the best information to compute the point cloud. In this manner, even heterogeneous surfaces with great variation in brightness can be captured reliably. Examples of this include when different materials are present or slope angles vary greatly within the measurement area. High-performance filters are available for the 3D-Patch/HA to ensure that even “uncooperative” objects can be measured reliably.