The depiction of volumetric data is now integrated the WinWerth® measuring software’s 3D module. Three different views can be used at the same time and can be unhidden or hidden. This provides the option to show the entire volume, i.e. all voxels with their respective grayscale values. In the depiction of the “ISO-Surface”, only voxels with the selected grayscale value are displayed. 2D cross sections can also be depicted by selecting the cross-section plane. All variants can be rotated three-dimensionally and can be analyzed from all sides. The CAD model, voxel volume and measurement point cloud are superimposed in the same coordinate system. They are easy to visualize, and the data

is easy to analyze using color and transparency settings. The histogram function provides the option to choose the gray scale area to be depicted. For example, only the more dense material can be analyzed with multi material work pieces. The transparency setting can be adjusted for the depicted gray scale interval. This provides a high degree of flexibility, which, for instance, allows for the inspection of assemblies. A multitude of depiction options are available. For a clearer picture, the gray scale can be depicted using a color scale. Through variation of the transfer curves in any number of sub-intervals, gray scale and color ranges can be spread out to increase the contrast.