The new version 8.40 of WinWerth® has a number of additional functions. The expansion of scan path and point distribution modes to cover all standard geometric elements eliminates the need for time-consuming manual positioning of the sensor. The risk of collision is minimal, as WinWerth® detects obstacles on the work piece and generates travel paths to avoid them. Using feature-oriented measurement, individual dimensions can be selected out of an extensive measurement program. The user selects the desired features and WinWerth® automatically identifies the alignment of the work piece and all of the relevant elements with their associated settings.

Several new functions are available for TomoScope® and TomoCheck machines as well. For example, the volumetric capacity of a container or the volume of a work piece can be calculated. Using the void filter, computed tomography measurements (CT) can be analyzed without the detrimental influence of voids – or the voids can be sorted by size and displayed and analyzed separately. Multi-Spectra-Tomography provides a unique solution for multi-component work pieces such as assembled plug connectors.

The new AutoAlign function automatically recognizes the work piece in a rastered image and aligns it to a reference element using a best-fit algorithm. The new HD raster scanning can be used to capture large areas at high structural resolution automatically. Displaying sensor travel paths in the 3D graphics window makes it easier to quickly check the measurement sequence and reduces measurement time by optimizing the travel paths.