The patented Raster Scanning HD method can be used to capture an entire work piece automatically at high resolution. A new function also makes it possible to overlay this raster image with the 2D CAD model in DXF format within the Werth 3D graphic. The software thus takes on the function of a profile projector. The actual condition in the raster image can be visually compared to the nominal condition from the 2D CAD model. This allows a rapid visual check of the extent or presence of various geometries. Problem areas can be zoomed in on quickly, as the image has very high digital resolution. The 3D BestFit, 3D SurfCompare and the Contour element options also allow BestFit analysis with a color coded deviation plot. Local deviations between the measured data and the CAD model can be inspected using the mouse cursor. The deviations can also be displayed with flags, and the least and greatest deviation are detected automatically.