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News on computed tomography

Fixators measure in medical technology

Automatic CT measurements with WinWerth®

Optimized on the basis of almost 20 years of experience in industrial computed tomography, the TomoScope® S Plus offers the largest measuring volume and the best specification in its machine class despite its small footprint. A major medical technology manufacturer uses the machine for the measurement of fixators, for example.

Stainless steels and titanium materials are used, for example, in the mold of fixators inside and outside the human body for both temporary and permanent fixation and reinforcement of bones. The requirements for dimensional accuracy and fatigue strength as well as the traceability of the corresponding manufacturing processes are correspondingly high here.
With the Werth Longlife transmission sources, the TomoScope® S Plus offers high measuring speed with high resolution. The transmission sources enable fast measurements with high performance, as the focal spot remains small, providing the high resolution required for dimensional measurements. With the long-life components, annual maintenance is sufficient as with conventional coordinate measuring machines; maintenance work by the user is completely eliminated.

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