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Low-maintenance 200 kV X-ray source in monoblock design

The successful X-ray tube technology of the TomoScope® XS machines is now also available with 200 kV acceleration voltage and extends the range of applications to workpieces with higher density and longer radiographic lengths. The transmission tube offers high resolution with short measuring times.

The new X-Tube μF 200T-80 microfocus X-ray source has powers of up to 80 watts with focal spot sizes of a few micrometers. The transmission target enables small focal spot sizes even at high power and therefore fast, high-resolution measurements. With X-ray sources in monoblock design, the high-voltage generator is located directly on the X-ray tube, eliminating the need for vulnerable and high-maintenance high-voltage connectors. The tubes for the TomoScope® XS machines are also equipped with a longlife target and a longlife filament. This means that only one maintenance service is required per year. The new X-ray source extends the range of applications for the compact devices, for example to workpieces such as connectors, sensor assemblies, joint implants and cell phone lenses.

High-resolution and fast measurements with a small footprint

The long maintenance intervals of the X-ray source offer low operating costs and high availability.


Low-maintenance 200 kV X-ray source in monoblock design

The new 200 kV X-ray source in monoblock design is ideal for the measurement of metal-plastic components, for example

The longlife filament eliminates the need for filament replacement by the operator or as part of a service call. The longlife target ensures a consistently high quality of X-rays. The monoblock design requires significantly less maintenance than conventional tubes with high-voltage cables. As peripheral devices such as a control cabinet and high-voltage generator are no longer required, the external dimensions of the coordinate measuring machine are small and it can be set up anywhere in the company. All Werth TomoScope® machines have a standard-compliant calibration, optionally with DAkkS certificate. The traceability to international standards meets the requirements of IATF 16949.
The tube technology of the TomoScope® XS machines offers short measurement times with high resolution and low measurement uncertainty. The new tube has the high acceleration voltage required for workpieces with high density and long radiographic lengths. Multi-material workpieces and assemblies can also be successfully measured.

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