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Economic measurement with multi-sensor systems

Non-contact optical sensors – Werth Laser Probe

Non-contact optical sensors – Werth Laser Probe

In order to be able to carry out three-dimensional (3D) measurements of workpieces with optical sensors, a method for measurements along the third coordinate axis is required in addition to the image processing sensor. One such distance sensor is the Werth Laser Probe (WLP), which can be integrated into the beam path of the Werth Zoom to combine edge and distance measurements without mechanical sensor change (patent).

With automatic intensity control and the intelligent WinWerth® measurement software, the WLP enables convenient and reliable measurement of different surfaces with up to 80° angularity or corresponding curvature. The laser distance sensor achieves a high scanning speed with several hundred to thousand measurement points per second. Integration into the beam path of the image processing sensor saves measuring time and multi-sensor measuring range, as sensor change cycles and offset between sensors are eliminated. Operation is simplified by displaying the measuring spot on the workpiece surface. The measuring location and measuring spot are visible on the monitor of the image processing sensor.

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Optical sensors

Non-contact optical sensors – Werth Laser Probe

Due to the asymmetry of the laser beam a) through the use of a Foucault cutting edge b), the diffusely reflected light hits different positions of the differential diode c), from which the distance to the workpiece surface d) is determined. Integration into an image processing sensor f) (illumination not shown) takes place via a divider mirror e).

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