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News on computed tomography

X-ray tomography increases performance

X-ray tomography replaces 3D coordinate metrology

With the TomoScope® XS FOV 500 from Werth Messtechnik, high-performance computed tomography is now available at the price of conventional 3D coordinate measuring machines. The maintenance-free X-ray tube in monoblock design has a voltage of 160 kV and delivers fast measurement results with a power of 500 W. The new machine comes with a two-year warranty on the X-ray tube without layer limitation and also enables measurements close to production or inline thanks to on-the-fly operation and real-time reconstruction. It can be fully automated and integrated thanks to robot loading and interfaces to most software solutions and is suitable for workpieces up to a size of approx. 200 mm in the basic version without moving measuring axes.


X-ray tomography replaces 3D coordinate metrology

Measurement of several workpieces in one operation with the TomoScope® XS FOV 500

The TomoScope® XS and XS Plus machines have microfocus tubes in a monoblock design with a voltage of 160 kV and a power of up to 80 W. Multi-object measurements in combination with the relatively high tube power also enable inline, online and atline measurements with high demands on resolution and accuracy. Several small workpieces such as medical implants can be measured together and the measurement point clouds automatically separated. The measuring time is only a few seconds per workpiece.

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