The New Werth TomoScope® XS FOV

Big TS Technology available at the Price of Conventional 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines


  • Coordinate measuring machine for three-dimensional measurement according to the principle of computed tomography
  • Fast measurement in the field of view of the detector without moving axes with high resolution and high power
  • High availability due to maintenance free tube in mono-block design
  • Extremely precise air bearing rotary axis for low measurement uncertainty
  • Low space requirement thanks to compact design with integrated control
  • Fast amortization through low acquisition costs – X-ray tomography at the price of conventional 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Options like add on of OnTheFly Technology for reduction of measurement time and Automatic Separation of the measured data during evaluation and more available

Machine Specification

  • X-ray source
    • 130 kV Macro Monoblock Tube
  • Detector
    • Detector Size for 60×53 mm2 to 140×110 mm2
    • Number of Pixels from 1200 x 1060 to 2800 x 2200
    • Pixel Center Distance 50 μ
  • Foot Print
    • Depth: 583 (22.9″) Width: 1300 mm (51.2”) Height: 1370mm (53.9”)
    • Machine Weight: 880kg (1,940 lbs.)
  • Maximum Permissable Error MPE for advanced laboratory conditions:
    • P: 5 μm
    • E: (5+L/75) μm
    • SD3): (4+L/100) μm


  • Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Molding, Electronics

Application Environment

  • Shop Floor, Gage and Quality Laboratory