Finally! X-ray tomography available at the price of conventional 3D coordinate measuring machines.

With the “FOV” model, Werth presents the third coordinate measuring machine with X-ray tomography from the powerful and compact TomoScope® XS family. The new model is less expensive and particularly easy to operate.

Fully automatic “In Picture” measurement
Depending on the selectable mounting direction of the detector, the new devices offer a measuring range of 120 mm diameter or height. The measurements take place in the field of view. The 6-megapixel detector enables a very high resolution. The measurement in OnTheFly mode and the real-time reconstruction of the digital workpiece volume ensure fast results.

The TomoScope® XS FOV is fully automated. Useful parameters have in some cases already been set in the factory. The operator positions the workpieces on the rotary table (1) and clicks “Automatic measurement” (2) in the WinWerth® measurement software. Some of the selectable measuring parameters include voltage or pre-filter.

Production-related measurement of plastic workpieces
The TomoScope® XS FOV is ideal for  production related measurements of plastic workpieces that are produced in high volume. Such workpieces are often found in the packaging industry. Examples are yogurt pots, bottle caps, dowels, or plastic housings of inhalers. Several small workpieces, such as lids or plastic gears, can be measured together using suitable fixtures. During evaluation, the software function “Workpiece separation” automatically separates the measured data. The results are visualized in a user-friendly manner in the WinWerth® 3D graphics. A color-coded display of good parts and rejects is integrated in the measurement report, which provides a quick overview, especially for inline and atline measurements.

The TomoScope® XS FOV is a flexible device for fast measurements with X-ray tomography. Thanks to the maintenance-free monoblock tube with 130 kV  voltage, the unit has a high availability. The compact design based on the full protection principle allows it to be used almost anywhere. Like all X-ray tomography coordinate measuring machines from Werth Messtechnik, the TomoScope® XS FOV fully complies with specifications based on VDI/VDE 2617. The Werth calibration laboratory is accredited for DAkkS calibration of coordinate measuring machines with X-ray tomography sensor technology according to VDI/VDE 2617 sheet 13.