Finally! X-ray tomography available at the price of conventional 3D coordinate measuring machines.

A major upgrade from the TomoScope XS, TomoScope XS Plus offers the same characteristics but with double the measuring range because of moveable X and Y axes (Raster-Tomography in horizontal and vertical direction). Unlike traditional image stitching, Werth patented RasterScanning captures X-ray images of various workpiece areas sequentially, and the workpiece volume is reconstructed from the images at various rotational positions. The patented subvoxeling process is used to calculate the measurement points at the material transitions. This process allows larger workpieces of up to 450 mm in length to be measured. Alternatively, smaller objects can be captured at high resolution individually or multiple objects simultaneously with reduced measurement time. The measurement result provides complete workpiece volumes at almost any desired resolution in all coordinate axes (up to 60 billion voxels). Also with the capability of equipping a 200kv transmission tube, the TomoScope XS Plus is able to capture denser, wider materials.