Medical advances are growing by leaps and bounds.  Things we could not have imagined are right now being developed to improve everyone’s quality of life.  The critical nature of many of these developments require accuracy that is repeatable.  Werth has the measurement machines to meet your needs.  From our FlatScope for 2D measurements, to 5 axis StentCheck machine, all the way to our Computed Tomography machine, the TomoScope.  Werth can precisely and repeatably measure your parts, no matter how complex.

Consistent quality assurance and acceptance tests to VDI/VDE 2617 and/or ISO 10360 are guarantees of the reliability, accuracy and commensurability of the equipment.

By active participation in standardization committees, we support product specifications and quality standards which promote competition.  The Werth DKD Laboratory (accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) conducts acceptance tests on various optical, optical/tactile and tactile coordinate measuring machines in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the ISO 10360 and VDI 2617 CMM Performance Standards.

See the Werth StentCheck, a multisensor coordinate measuring machine designed for stent measurements with a rotary-/tilt axis. It allows for the measurement of features like strut thickness, wall thickness, flute angles, strut connections, eyelet dimensions, stent length and much more with submicron accuracy.


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