TomoScope® L


  • High Accuracy Multisensor coordinate measuring machine for 3D measurements using the principle of Computed Tomography, in combination with additional sensors (tactile sensor systems, optical sensors)
  • Robust granite base with integrated air bearing rotary axis
  • Optional second Z-axis for collision-free operation in multisensor mode
  • Grid tomography to extend the measurement area (optional)
  • Comparable specification to VideoCheck® HA CMM
  • Scale resolution 10 nm

Machine Specifications

  • Micro focus X-ray source up to 225 kV
  • Measuring Range
    • Max. Workpiece dimensions D = 470 mm / L = 678 mm (depending on the aspect ratio of the workpieces)
  • Accuracy
    • Permissible length measurement error up to 4.5 µm
  • Foot Print and Specification
    • Depth: 1260 (50″) Width: 2400 mm (95”) Height: 1900mm (75”)
    • For more detailed information on the specification of this machine call us at 860.399.2445 or email us .


  • Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Plastics-Molding, Electronics

Application Environment

  • Gage and Quality Laboratory, Ultra Accurate, Computed x-ray Tomography