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Glossary S

Terms relating to coordinate metrology with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems


A sensor is a system for recording signals that describe a physical quantity.

Shopfloor measurement

In the context of digitalisation, metrology is increasingly being integrated into the manufacturing process. This includes at-line measurements in a shopfloor measurement cell as well as in-line measurements for which samples are automatically taken from the line, measured and returned or 100% inspection is realised in the production cycle.


Specifications according to uniform standards and certified calibration enable objective comparison of the performance of measuring machines and ensure traceability of measurements. The most important characteristics of a coordinate measuring machine are the maximum permissible display error for length measurement MPE E (Maximum Permissible Error of size measurement) and the maximum permissible probing error MPE P (Maximum Permissible Probing Error).

Standardised measurement

For some workpiece types, the geometrical characteristics to be measured are specified with position and tolerance classes, e.g. in DIN 3968 for hob measurement

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