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Glossary M

Terms relating to coordinate metrology with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems

Machine vision coordinate measuring machine

Manufacturer Coordinate Measuring Machine

Manufacturer coordinate measuring machine

Manufacturer of coordinate measuring systems

All Werth coordinate measuring systems with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems are manufactured at our headquarters in Giessen. You can gain an insight into the manufacturing process during the company tour as part of the Werth Technology Day in Giessen in the autumn.


Measurement involves determining a value for a physical quantity by comparison with a unit.

Measurement castings

Measurement close to production

Measurement connectors

Measurement deep drawn parts

Measurement drills

Measurement forged parts

Measurement gears

Measurement grinding wheels

Measurement implants

Measurement indexible inserts

Measurement injection nozzles

Measurement lenses

Measurement micro-parts

Measurement of bent parts

Measurement of fillet

Measurement of furniture fittings

Measurement of implants

Measurement of injection nozzles

Measurement of micro-parts

Measurement of plastic parts

Measurement of printed circuit boards

Measurement of turned parts

Measurement plastic parts

Measurement printed circuit boards

Measurement punched parts

Measurement rubber profiles

Measurement shafts

Measurement software

Measurement stents

Measurement tools

Measurement with CAD data

Measure optically

Measuring Machine Manufacturer

Measuring and testing technology

Systems and methods for the measurement of physical quantities and the testing of the correspondence between target and actual conditions, as well as their development and application

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment is machinery for measurement or analysis, e.g. manual bench gauges or coordinate measuring systems.

Measuring gears

Measuring grinding wheels

Measuring lenses

Measuring machine

Measuring machine manufacturer

Measuring machine with zoom optics

Measuring microscope

Optical 2D coordinate measuring machine with microscope and X-Y stage. The operator sights the points of the object to be measured with an optical crosshair and, in the simplest case, reads off the coordinates from the scales of the measuring table. The principle is the forefather of all coordinate measuring machines. A workshop measuring microscope is a measuring microscope designed for use in the manufacturing environment.

Measuring milling cutters

Measuring projector

With profile projectors, the image of a 2D workpiece is projected onto a ground-glass screen with the aid of lenses and mirrors and compared there with a usually transparent drawing. Similar to a measuring microscope, measuring projectors also allow the measurement points at the edge transitions to be determined, for example with the help of a crosshair or optical sensors.

Measuring projector manufacturer

Measuring system

A measuring system is used for the measurement of physical quantities.

Measuring tools


Metrology is about measuring equipment and procedures for the measurement of physical quantities as well as their development and application.

Metrology Prototypes


Probes for coordinate measuring systems with probe tips ranging in size from a few 10 micrometres to a few 100 micrometres (much smaller than 1 mm), enabling the measurement of small geometries and delicate workpieces, often with low probing force. These are used both in tactile, but more often in multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines because they are easier to operate.

Micro-probe coordinate measuring machine

Micro-probe coordinate measuring system

Micro-probe measuring machine


Mould correction


A multi-sensor enables measurements with different sensor principles using the same hardware. For example, an optical distance sensor can be integrated into the image processing beam path.

Multi-sensor and optical measuring systems

Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine

Multi-sensor coordinate metrology

Coordinate measuring systems and associated methods that serve to determine and subsequently mathematically evaluate the spatial coordinates of individual points, as well as their development and application. Multi-sensor coordinate metrology includes all coordinate metrology systems equipped with different sensor principles

Multi-sensor measurement

Multi-sensor measuring machine

Multi-sensor measuring system

Multi-sensor metrology

Multi-sensor systems

The combination of different sensor principles, often both non-contact and contact, enables the solution of a large number of industrial tasks.

Multi-sensor technology

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