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Glossary P

Terms relating to coordinate metrology with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems

Pattern projection

Area sensors with pattern projection basically work according to the triangulation principle. Depending on the design variant, a distinction can be made between pattern projection sensors and photogrammetry sensors. With the pattern projection sensor (also fringe projection sensor), a fringe pattern with exactly known geometry is projected onto the material surface by a projector. Similar to the light-sectioning method, the patterns created in this way are captured by a camera and subsequently evaluated by software. Photogrammetry sensors are based on capturing the object surface from two different orientations with one camera each.



Production monitoring

Profile projector

The image of a 2D workpiece is projected onto a ground-glass screen with the aid of lenses and mirrors and compared there with the drawing (see also measuring projector).

Profile projector manufacturer

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