3D Fiber Probe


  • This patented tactile-optical 3D micro-probe extends the application range of the proven Werth Fiber Probe® technology to 3D measurements. It has a number of benefits over conventional micro-probes according to the mechanical-electrical principle. The WFP® is much less sensitive to breakage, offers smaller probe ball diameters (down to 20 microns) and has many times lower probing forces (less than one thousandth of a Newton). The Werth Fiber Probe® is part of Werth’s special feature in the measurement of micro-geometries.
  • Measurement with the 3D fiber probe can be carried out in single-point as well as in scanning mode
  • Special probe systems are available for scanning mode that enable reliable capture of profile curves on workpiece surfaces, e.g. by spiral scans with a preset contour
  • Micro-probes with angled geometry, e.g. for measuring internal geometries, are also available
  • Two-ball styli (patent) are also available to avoid aperture-related measurement errors
  • In combination with suitably accurate coordinate measuring machines, such as the Werth VideoCheck® UA, the WFP® 3D has probing errors of only a few tenths of a micrometre

Technical Data

Sensor principle



Permissible probing error up to 0.25 µm



With an image processing sensor (a) camera, b) LED for illumination) and an optical distance sensor c) the horizontal and vertical deflection of the illuminated stylus tip d) is measured when the workpiece e) moves. In the target deflection, the exact position of the stylus tip is superimposed with the coordinates of the scale systems of the machine and stored as measurement points or used for the scanning process. The exchange unit f) with flexible holding element g) is also available with dual-sphere probes h).

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