Rotary/Tilt Axis

Solution for complex measuring tasks with A and B axis

Differently oriented geometrical elements such as surfaces or bores can be measured with multi-sensor systems in the optimum alignment in each case. Even large sensors have access to all workpiece areas, so that the entire workpiece can be measured without re-clamping and the associated losses in time and accuracy.

  • Available for almost all Werth measuring machines
  • Can be mounted in any arrangement as an accessory
  • Replaces complex positioning units for sensors
  • Can also be used for large and heavy workpieces due to special bearing technology
  • Angled surfaces or undercuts can be measured optically with optical sensors
  • Small bores can be swivelled into the optical axis for measurement with the micro-probe Werth Fiber Probe®
  • Evaluation in workpiece coordinates through complete software integration of the rotary axes


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