VideoCheck® V-HA


  • The most accurate multisensor coordinate measuring machine for tool measurement available in the world today
  • Using 10 nm scales
  • All axes are based on high precision low vibration air bearings
  • Integration of additional sensor units to a multisensor system guarantees higher flexibility and measuring speed
  • Scan high precision gear profiles
  • Use of high precision telecentric lenses in a second optical beam path
  • Modular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applications
  • Integrated high precision air bearing rotary

Machine Specifications

  • Measuring Range
    • Maximum Ø 400mm (16″)
    • Z 250mm (10″)
  • Specification
    • For more detailed information on the specification of this machine call us at 860.399.2445 or email us .


  • Automotive, Aerospace

Application Environment

  • Gage and Quality Laboratory, Ultra Accurate