Chromatic Focus Zoom


  • Low measurement errors due to high magnification range of the telecentric zoom optics
  • Intelligent contour image processing detects multiple geometric elements and free forms in the measuring window
  • Distance measurements largely independent of surface properties due to the chromatic measuring principle
  • Fast sensor change without mechanical movement
  • Large measuring range of the chromatic sensor enables fast scanning without moving the sensor to the workpiece surface and thus even shorter measuring times
  • Layer thicknesses of transparent materials can also be measured (option)

Technical Data

Sensor principle

Optical-lateral / optical-axial (chromatic aberration)


Permissible probing error up to 0.75 µm



From the evaluation box a) the light of a broadband light source b) is projected via a fiber coupler c), an optical fiber d) and an imaging optic e) onto the workpiece (position 1), 2) or 3)). The intensity of the reflected light is highest for the color corresponding to the distance from the workpiece f). This is evaluated via a spectrometer g). Via a divider mirror h) the additional integration of an image processing sensor i) (illumination not shown) takes place.

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